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This happened awhile ago, but I thought I’d share it now.

On 25th September 2009 Elmo was sat peacefully on the backrest of the sofa. I was working on my computer, as was my wife.

All of a sudden Elmo fell backwards off the sofa and landed on the floor with a thud. He tried to right himself with his wings, trying to stand up (unsuccessfully). He flopped around the kitchen before I managed to get to him.

His legs were stiff, as was his tail and he had a very scared, helpless and confused look in his eyes as he looked at me. I held him close and comforted him.

Within a few minutes he was able to move his legs. A little wobbly, but OK! After around a week he was back to normal.

A very scary moment. Which we now think was a seizure and a symptom of his paramyxovirus (PMV) which he used to / continues to suffer from.

Note from Revati: We took Elmo to an avian vet and he said that this type of seizure can be caused by three things:

  1. Heart problem – but vet didn’t think this was the cause
  2. Lack of calcium – since Elmo was moulting at the time
  3. Neurological problem due to PMV

The vet said it was most likely a one off thing but to increase Elmo’s calcium and sun intake.