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Elmo can see me through the window. I haven’t noticed him yet as I check our bird feeder in the garden but when I glance over to our bedroom window I can see him already in full swing into his pigeon dance. He’s prancing about the bed, bobbing his head and cooing like mad (although I cannot hear a thing through our wonderfully double-glazed windows). He hasn’t realised yet that I’m wearing my warm woollen hat since there’s sleet raining down and the air is cold. In a minute though he’ll see it and stop dancing and start shaking like a leaf, as if I’ve just turned into a big dragon coming to eat him.

Elmo doesn’t like hats. No idea why, but he’s scared senseless of them, even if Richard is wearing one. And Elmo LOVES Richard. Why should a simple hat transform the love of his life? But it does and Elmo will run a mile if anyone is wearing a hat (I could understand it if the hats stick up and are funny shaped but he’s scared of simple beanie type hats too. Weird).

Anyway, I digress. So, I take off my hat and bob my head up and down, shaking my shoulders at Elmo. This gets him even more excited and he’s jumping on the bedside table and back onto the bed, fanning his tail out and cooing. I quickly top up the empty bird feeders with seed, then go open the door to our flat. I can now hear Elmo cooing. He’s probably on the bedside table now waiting for the bedroom door to open. I can also hear Georgie flapping about in her cage. She’s heard me coming in and is eager to come out.

After dumping my coat, shoes, bag, etc., I open the bedroom door and the cooing stops. I peer into the room and I see Elmo stretching his neck forward to see who it is from the bedside table. So sweet! He immediately begins his cooing and his excited dance, showing me how happy he is to have me there. This is the one time that Elmo will like me, when I come home from work. And it is hard not to love him even more when he’s strutting his stuff and telling you he’s so happy to see you.

Georgie is no different. I take her out of her cage and put her on the sofa and she starts twirling around, cooing madly. She’ll follow me around now and demand to sit on my lap, but I must prepare dinner and check my emails and write this blog. I can hear both Elmo and Georgie calling me now, wanting attention and cuddles. Richard isn’t home from work yet but they’ll both start their mad dance again when he gets here. Who could ask for more after a long hard day at work?