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There are about 500 different breeds of pigeon: Tumblers, Rollers, Pouters, Highfliers, Trumpeters, Homers… the list goes on and on. I don’t know anything about pigeon breeds, I don’t even know what the ones I’ve listed even look like, but I do find it interesting that while there are some fantastic looking pigeons out there (ones with feathered feet, crested heads, fanciful colouring) a mostly dark grey feral pigeon, whom I love dearly, has somehow landed in my care and home.

Georgie headshot

Georgie is not much different looking from any feral pigeon you’d see out in the street or park. You probably wouldn’t even look at her twice if you saw her in an aviary. But she is so beautiful and dainty and has the prettiest face I’ve ever seen on a pigeon. Sometimes I wonder what other people see when they look at her because all I can see is this gorgeous little girl with delicate features. Sure, she isn’t chocolate brown or stripped, nor does she have a wonderful crest or a big puffy chest. George is simply a small grey feral pigeon with a sweet face and a character to match (and the brightest red feet!).

As I gently caress her head while she rests by my side I can see Georgie for what she is – one cool pigeon!