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Richard bought a wireless remote pan/tilt network camera (a.k.a. a webcam) today. We’ve decided to get one to be able to observe Elmo’s behaviour during the day while we are at work. I’m not expecting to see anything spectacular (let me guess? He’ll be sleeping, sleeping, and sleeping some more, then eating, grooming, and maybe a bit of dancing around my woolly socks), but it’ll make interesting viewing since we can never be certain what Elmo’ll be doing on his own. Does he miss us a lot? Is he bored? Or is he enjoying a bit of solitude and reserving his energy for when we get back (when he can perform his mad pigeon welcome dance!).

I could be completely wrong here though. Maybe Elmo gets up to all sorts of adventures while we are away. Are the wild pigeons outside talking to him through the window? Does Elmo have a secret hiding place under the bed?

The best bit about the webcam is that when we’re away on holiday we can make sure Elmo is ok.

Georgie’s webcam will have to wait till after payday though.