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Last night I watched a movie and made some popcorn. I decided not to give any to Elmo and Georgie and thought I could keep them away while I enjoyed the popcorn.

That’s not quite what happened. I sat down on the sofa and immediately Georgie was up from her nest and walking towards me. I gently pushed her back to her nest, she cooed angrily and started walking back to me. I did it again but she again cooed angrily and walked towards me. We must have done this for about 5 mintues. Georgie was not going to give up!!

While this was happening Elmo was on the other side of me on the sofa arm-rest and had his neck extended as he stared intently at the bowl of popcorn. He was still for a while then jumped into the bowl. Great! I quickly put him back on the arm-rest and he continued to stare at the popcorn, willing it to leap into his beak. He looked like he wanted to jump back into the bowl so I gave him a firm ‘No Elmo’ and held the bowl away (as if that was going to stop him!). Meanwhile Georgie was still advancing with shear determination. She was single-minded in her goal.

I did manage to eat most of the popcorn before it got too ridiculous. Then I caved in and gave them a few pieces. They went mad for it!! Biting my fingers in their eagerness to break the popcorn into pieces. When I stopped holding it up to them Georgie started waggling her shoulders and twitching her wings. She looked like a little squeaker again! It was so adorable. It was as if she was saying at the same time, “Please mummy, can I have some more,” and “That was delicious mummy, thank you so much.”

Next time I will be forced to put them away in the bedroom when I want to have a quiet evening eating popcorn and watching a movie. Silly pigeons!