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Dora bonded with me and often spent time under my desk when I was working there. If my husband got too close she’d rush at him and put him in is place, which amused us to no end. :)

Dora no longer lives with us (she’s in an aviary at my work, bonded to another pigeon) and I miss her, especially her sweet high-pitched voice and smell since I think she’s the best smelling pigeon ever!

In our old flat she decided that the top shelf of the bookcase was going to be her nest and she’d spend a lot of time there cooing loudly – so loudly in fact that I often had to climb the ladder to reach her and give her a telling off (followed quickly by lots of kisses and cuddles of course).


Being extremely broody Dora found endless places to make a nest, the tumble-dryer being a favourite. When she cooed in there it would echo loudly. I’m surprised she didn’t go deaf! Another funny thing she used to do was make a ‘woof’ sound, often when she was surprised or after seeing something that worried her (e.g. a potential predator). Elmo woofs sometimes but usually in his sleep.


Dora has had her second batch of babies and was quick to lay another pair of eggs which I had to remove (the aviary she lives in is at my workplace so I get to see her often). Apart from being a very broody pigeon she’s also a very hungry pigeon. When she lived with us she used to steal food from both Elmo’s and Georgie’s seed bowl, much to my annoyance. Greedy little thing! I think she has a case of Prader-Willi syndrome! :D