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Did you know that the Dodo was a close relative of modern pigeons? I didn’t.

I guess the two most famous extinct birds in the world are the Dodo and the Passenger Pigeon. Reading about their extinction is interesting but also greatly upseting. Not just because of what happened to these birds but because it is still happening to other species around the world.

The Mauritius Pink Pigeon was on the brink of extinction with only 10 left in the wild by 1991, however, with the conservation efforts of the Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust there are now about 350 Pink Pigeons living in the wild in Mauritius. Read more at: http://www.durrell.org/Animals/Birds/Mauritius-Pink-Pigeon/

It will be a great shame to loose any more pigeons species. There are so many wonderful different pigeons out there and here’s some photos of them: http://www.camacdonald.com/birding/Sampler3-PigeonsDoves.htm

To read up on the Passenger Pigeon go to these websites:

For the Dodo: