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There was once a time when my husband and I could sit down and have a meal with no interruptions or drama. Our two pigeons have changed this. What should be an easy sit down meal becomes a war ground – a pigeon on either side of us, staring at our food, climbing onto our lap towards the food. Any unattended food has to be guarded by the remaining person lest Elmo jumps onto the plate. Most meals must be eaten with our bodies leant over the plates, protecting them from the pigeon trying to get to it.

Why don’t we simply put our pigeons away while we eat? That would be a simple solution but we don’t want to. Call us overindulgent if you wish! :)

The smell of popcorn, as mentioned in previous posts, is enough to get Georgie’s and Elmo’s beaks watering. Other welcomed food are oven-baked chips and pancakes. Elmo is particularly partial to anything green such as lettuce and cabbage, however, his second all time favourite is rice mixed with any kind of meat, e.g. beef strogonoff and chili con carne. Funnily enough Elmo won’t touch plain cooked rice. It must have some sort of meaty sauce mixed with it.


Elmo tucking into pizza!