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I find this poster interesting:

pigeon color morphs

It comes from Project PigeonWatch: http://www.birds.cornell.edu/pigeonwatch

I would really love a book with photos of all the pigeon breeds and colours in the world. I’m sure that would be a very big book. While I don’t really agree with some of the fancy pigeon breeds (based on animal welfare views. I mean, some pigeons can barely walk properly or even feed their own babies!) I think there are some amazing shapes and colours out there.

The best colours are on pigeons that have a mixed background (the pied pigeons), then you get pigeons with patches of different colour on them. I tend to lean towards white pigeons with brown and grey patches on them. Very pretty. We have one that comes to our garden to raid the bird feeder and he/she is gorgeous. Other striking pigeons are really dark grey, almost black ones with a few white wing feathers.

At my workplace they have two chocolate brown archangel pigeons and they really attract peoples attention. :)