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Has anyone else noticed the lovely bald patch on a pigeon’s abdomen?

What about how wet pigeon smells like wet dog?

I have to say that wet pigeon smells just as bad as wet dog does. :D Why is that? How can feathers smell like dog hair? Well, they do and the other evening a very wet Elmo was sitting on the sofa next to me and he stank! I had to move him further down the sofa to give me a bit of relief from the smell. … Stinky boy! :)


Elmo's brood patch

The bald spot – called a brood patch – on a pigeon’s sternum is very endearing. Both males and females have it and it’s used to incubate the eggs and keep the hatched babies warm. When incubating the mum or dad pigeon (both take turns) will move their chest feathers out, move the eggs against the bald spot, and settle their feathers back down to conceal the eggs. If you put your fingers against the skin on a pigeon’s bald patch you’ll feel how hot it is there. I love to think of the eggs or babies snuggled so warmly and safe against their parents skin.

A final little thing: I’m not sure if other pigeons do this, but Georgie responds to certain actions with what I can only describe as ‘smacking her lips’. :) If I smack my lips together Georgie will do the same. Then she’ll gently peck at my lips and attempt to drink from my mouth. If I rattle a spoon against a mug Georgie will smack her lips. Then she’ll try to drink from the mug. :D