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My husband came across a blog in which someone writes, in a rather humorous way, why pigeons make great pets. Despite the light-hearted and jokey way she (I’m pretty sure it’s a woman) writes about her ‘pet’ pigeons, I would like to comment on a few points she made as to why pigeons make excellent pets.

Her writing in plain, my comments in bold:

“And so, this brings me nicely to my inventory. Reasons why pigeons make great pets:

  • They’re part time pets. Kennels and catteries (or nice neighbours) not required at vacation time. I’m not sure what kind of pigeons she has but ours would definately not be impressed if we left them without care.
  • They don’t pee on your plants or crap in the bath tub. But they’ll poo everywhere else they can get to.
  • They’re not choosy about what they eat. Kibble/ bread crumbs … they’ll take whatever you’re offering. Whilst Elmo isn’t that picky over what seed he eats he definately won’t eat everything you offer. The same goes for Georgie.
  • They never sneak into your bed. Um, ours do. :)
  • Car. Thankfully not since they aren’t allowed outside without supervision.
  • Or shopping bags. Shopping bags are Georgie’s favourite!
  • They’re self grooming. True. But they still like a good scratch and clean around the face.
  • Make no attempt to assassinate anything smaller than they. Hmm, possibly. Haven’t yet put that to the test (watch out tiny spiders!). They do a good job at trying to assassinate anyone other than their favourite human though.
  • And don’t chew the table legs. However, they’ll definately poo down it.
  • They don’t need flea powder. Yes, they do. Especially if they go outside.
  • Wormers. Again, yes if they’re outside pigeons.
  • Or expensive trips to the vet. Sorry, that’s a yes again. Avian vets are more expensive than ‘normal’ ones.
  • They never hump your grannies leg. But may try her hand. (That’ll be Elmo’s doing!)
  • Sit under the table while you’re eating. More like on your plate.
  • Or drink from the toilet. Probably would if they could get to it.

“Come to think of it … pigeons have far higher standards/abilities than your average domestic pet.” This I definately agree with!

The blog is: http://hubpages.com/hub/Pigeons-And-Why-They-Make-Great-Pets