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Last night there was a deadlock situation on the sofa. We have an L-shaped sofa in which one can very easily lay back in utter laziness and comfort. In the nook of the L point Elmo has his nest. George has her nest on the other end of the sofa. On the same side as Elmo’s nest is a jar of peanuts for our pigeons to help themselves to. See diagram below:

Sofa layout

Elmo has taken over ‘his’ end of the sofa (which is now his territory) and he’ll defend it vigorously from me or Georgie, but since it is the most comfortable spot on the sofa last night I decided that I’ll lay there as I watched TV. Elmo just had to put up with it. Georgie is in nesting mode and was making a nest on me and we were all getting along fine, with Elmo in his nest cooing to Richard who was sitting at his desk (which is next to the sofa). Then for some reason George decided she wanted to go to Elmo’s side (maybe to eat some peanuts) and she walked over my body, however, Elmo quickly jumped off his nest and ran up to attack her. Georgie stopped within an inch of Elmo and that’s where the impasse happened.

Elmo and Georgie stayed in the same spot and every few seconds they tried to peck at each other. Since both have a disability (Georgie half blind and Elmo’s lack of eye to beak coordination) it was quite funny to watch them fail to hit their mark. Neither pigeon wanted to back down, but neither took a step forward. Elmo slowly ruffled his feathers as he settled down in his duty to guard his spot and Georgie stood still, the tips of her wings slightly twitching against each other in annoyance. I believe they would have stayed in that position for hours if I hadn’t intervened.

It’s quite funny how Elmo can attack George so vigorously on the sofa when he is scared of her when they’re on the floor. He is so reluctant to walk passed her and in many occasions I have found Elmo cornered by Georgie in the kitchen or bathroom. You see, Georgie seem attracted to the sound of Elmo walking and will follow him sometimes.

It is a shame that Elmo doesn’t like her. It would be lovely to have the two of them snuggled up to each other, preening one another and being in a proper pigeon relationship. Although I doubt Elmo will ever like another pigeon I think Georgie could pair up one day.