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Georgie laid an egg yesterday at 8.30pm.

We were expecting her to do so the whole day (we can tell by the fact that she gets heavier and by her nesting behaviour) but she didn’t want to settle down in her nest to lay it. She kept getting up and walking over to me and trying to nest on my lap but I had things to do and couldn’t sit for long so I kept putting her back on her nest to try to get her to settle. Eventually we came to compromise: Georgie agreed to stay on her nest only if I had it by my side on the sofa and if I had my hand next to her so she could preen it.

After about 30 minutes of TV watching to keep me occupied I looked down and saw Georgie about to lay her egg. Her chest was puffed out and her lower back was arched downward with her tail feathers sticking up. She panted a few times and I could see her push then stop then push again. Just before the egg came out Georgie stood up to let it fall into the nest. After taking a quick photo, we gently picked up her nest and placed it in her cage and Georgie settled down for the night.


Georgie will lay the second egg tomorrow (pigeons lay two eggs two days apart) and then she’ll be incubating them for about a week and a half even though she should be incubating them for about 17 days – I’m afraid Georgie gives up early! But since the eggs aren’t fertilised we’re not worried.

More about Georgie’s egg laying and incubating behaviour later! :)