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Georgie’s second egg was laid today. Sometimes she lays them later in the day but this time she laid it before we got home from work. We got home and saw Georgie sitting on her eggs contently. A very sweet sight.

When George is in egg-laying or incubating mode a few things occur. First she gets restless and also a bit defensive of her nest area. Anyone sitting next to her has to be aware that she may stand up and attack you for no apparent reason (well, Georgie’s got her reasons, we just don’t know them. I just think she gets a bit moody!).

Next, she poos massive and sometimes very stinky poos. When she’s incubating George often won’t poo in the cage – often prefering for me to take her out of her cage and let her walk about and then she’ll let one out. Since they are sometimes quite runny at this time I have kitchen roll at the ready to catch the poo before it hits the floor. It’s an easy way to keep the place clean because she’ll only poo big ones a few times a day so I know when to be ready to catch them. (Me being overindulgent? Never! :) )

Another behaviour of George’s is to take seed from her food bowl and carry them to her nest where she’ll strategically place them around her eggs. I’ll come home from work to find more seed in her nest than in her bowl!! :) Strange girl! (She does have soft shredded paper to line her nest.)

The main thing with Georgie in her maternal mood is to let her do her thing. If we disturb her too much she gets angry and annoyed, but we also have to be aware of her needs, e.g. when she wants to come out for a walk. Before we got her her nest Georgie used to nest in any soft material she could find on the sofa and she didn’t like to be away from her eggs for long so I couldn’t put her back in her cage when we went to work. We had to put the cage around her on the sofa but the mess she’d make was too much. I’m very happy we got her the guinea-pig nest which Georgie loves and is happy to sit on in her cage.

I don’t think Georgie would make a good mother because of her disability, but she sure gives it her best shot at incubating unfertilised eggs. :)