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On January 17th I wrote about our new bird feeder and the animals that visited it (post called “My favourite weather is bird-chirping weather”). On that date we only had two feral pigeons visiting our garden; today we counted 10! So very slowly our visiting flock has grown, much to our delight.

This morning Richard took Elmo out for a morning walk in the garden and he filled up the bird feeder and put some seeds on the ground at the same time. Elmo happily pecked at the grass and the seed and was very content; little did he know that ten feral pigeons were watching him from the rooftop, wondering if it is safe to come down to join him with Richard there.


Elmo's the one on his own on the right

After a while one brave fella decided he wasn’t going to let Elmo eat all the seed so he flew gently down and began to eat. A few moments later the rest of the flock landed and were happily pecking at the seed. Elmo at first wasn’t that bothered but then he noticed the flock and decided he wanted nothing to do with them. I was watching from the open window and Elmo walked over and tried to fly up to get into the flat. Poor boy was a bit scared!

When Elmo lived with his previous career he once was feeding in the garden with a flock of ferals near him. They took off suddenly and unexpectedly Elmo took off too, flying high into the sky before he realised he didn’t know how to come down again. He hovered for a while then plummeted to the ground with his carer running frantically to him. Fortunately Elmo was unhurt save for a limp, however, after hearing this story we are quite cautious when other pigeons are near Elmo. We wouldn’t want to have a repeat!

Back to our garden: We put a squirrel guard to stop our three visiting squirrels from eating all the seed from the hanging feeders in one sitting (they are welcome to the seed on the ground feeder!) and we thought the seed would last for a while in the feeders, however, I noticed that they were starting to get low again soon after being refilled.

One day I saw this pretty guy helping himself:


:D So sweet!

The other ferals watch this guy helping himself to seed they haven’t figured out how to get to yet (even though there is usually plenty of food on the ground for them!) and I’m anticipating all 10 ferals to be hanging from our feeder any day now!

Here’s some of our visiting flock: