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So we brought Malcolm home the other day. … We couldn’t help it!

At first Malcolm was a bit unsure about being in a new place, especially when Elmo came running over and was prancing about loudly. Malcolm was on the floor with Elmo and Georgie near and at first the pigeons were ok with each other; Elmo wary and Georgie curious. But then Malcolm pecked Georgie and she ran away and Elmo tried to attack Malcolm, so we put him on the sofa and observed how he behaved to the new environment.

Georgie is still very defensive in her egg sitting mode, so we’re not taking her behaviour as being the ‘norm’ at the moment, but Elmo is not impressed with Malcolm.

Malcolm spend the evening sitting on our shoulder or by us on the sofa, not flying about or wanting to explore. He’s a funny little thing and we haven’t figured out his character completely, so maybe with time he’ll start exploring the flat on his own.

He can fly but chooses to climb and walk about more which we find peculiar. Isn’t flying easier and quicker? At the moment he’s preening himself on Richard’s shoulder. He doesn’t seem fazed by anything. He has the sweetest high pitched voice and very small features (since he’s so miniture). He’s only about 6 months old and we’re not sure if he’s a ‘he’ at all yet. Maybe we should send one of his feathers to be DNA sexed? If Malcolm turns out to be a girl I would rename him ‘Minnie’, however, Richard would rename him ‘Mel’. :)

More on Malcolm later! (Malcolm’s story was posted on the 11th March.)


Malcolm nibbling Richard's hand