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The routine for Malcolm pigeon at the moment is to be at my workplace in an aviary during the day and to come home with Richard and I to stay for the night. One reason why we brought Malcolm home in the first place (besides the fact that Malcolm is so tiny and sweet) was to see if he’ll bond with Georgie. This hasn’t happened for two reasons:

  1. Georgie is incubating eggs and is not receptive to making new friends.
  2. Malcolm is a girl.

In the previous posts about Malcolm I mentioned that we didn’t know if he was a boy or a girl. The other evening Malcolm exhibited some very girly behaviours but we couldn’t be 100% sure. Yesterday I took him to work and put him in the aviary and the male pigeons in the next aviary went bananas and were prancing about and cooing madly to get Malcolm’s attention. I knew then that Malcolm was a girl but wanted more proof (I still couldn’t be 100% certain because there was a female pigeon in the same avairy as Malcolm which the male pigeons were also cooing to, so I wasn’t sure if they were cooing solely to her or to Malcolm also).

Tonight Richard patted Malcolm on the back and she leant down, wings slightly spread out flat and bottom feathers fanned out – in other words, Malcolm presented herself for mating just like a female pigeon does! And so Malcolm baby has been renamed Miss Minnie Malcolm, or simply Minnie for short. :)