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It’s raining now; overcast and grey, light rain falling steadily. A moment ago there were 7 wood pigeons in our garden, snapping up the peanuts I had thrown down earlier, however, they all burst into the sky in a quick rapid movement as a squirrel scared them away, claiming the remaining peanuts for itself.

Georgie, Elmo and Miss Minnie Malcolm are not getting along so they are each sat in their respective areas of the living room: Georgie on my leg preening herself, Elmo asleep on Richard’s chest and Minnie by Georgie’s cage on the cabinet (in a minute she’ll hop into Georgie’s cage to steal the seed).

Our pigeons may not be getting along with one another now, but they are warm, dry and safe from the dangers of the outside world. Sometimes I think of all the dangers that wild animals have to endure – especially since man appeared on the scene. Once upon a time wildlife’s biggest problems were predators, bad weather and food shortages. Now they not only have those age old problems but an abundance of others: most man-made!

When you think about all the man-made dangers it’s a wonder that wild animals have survived at all. You’ve got rubbish that animals can get caught in or injest and die from; cars and other vehicles; urbanization; gardening practices that can injure or kill animals (e.g. using a strimmer, putting down poison); pesticides and other poisonous chemicals being dumped into the land and ocean; millions of domesticated animals, e.g. cats and dogs, that hunt and kill wildlife; as well as activites of man that directly kill and maim wildlife, e.g. hunting. What a lovely world! :(

It amazes me how resiliant wildlife can be. Feral pigeons included. Mankind has tried its best to make this world so uninviting but the good ol’ feral pigeons have fought back and continue to populate the world. And how have they done this? By being able to breed all year round, to nest and live anywhere, to have both parents able to produce crop-milk and feed their young, and to have a diet that isn’t picky (fish and chips? Yeah, why not!).

Although it will be incredibly sad to loose all those rare and wonderful species at least we know that some animals will be with us for longer than others (before they too eventually disappear… along with us humans). Doom and gloom? Definately! But that’s just the rain affecting my mood. :)

I’m happy to have my pigeons safe and sound in our flat, cuddled up to us as we read or watch a movie. It’s the same scenario as someone with a dog or a cat. Nothing strange. … But pigeons are way cooler! :D