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Ever since we’ve had Elmo he’s been happily feeding Richard – as mated pairs do. I’ve seen feral pigeons feeding each other and always assumed that it was the male pigeons feeding their female partner. I didn’t think that Georgie would ever try to feed me, however she has started to do in the last week or so.

After having watched Elmo’s feeding behaviour I immediately recognised the signs in Georgie that she wanted to feed me. I gave her my pinky and she took it in her mouth and tried to chuck up some food. Yuck! ;)

I managed to get a photo of one such incident:


Looks uncomfortable but Georgie goes at it with vigour! :D

Fortunately she hasn’t actually brought up any food, and neither has Elmo, but both love to feed us as a sign of their affection and commitment to us. Aren’t we lucky?!