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Elmo is still very angry about everything. Ever since we brought Minnie home with us he’s been acting like he should be the only pigeon in the flat. Well, Minnie is now living in an aviary with other pigeons and receiving lots of cuddles from her new mum, however, Elmo has transfered his angry emotions to Georgie and started attacking her, which annoys us to no end.

We are gently trying to teach Elmo that he isn’t allowed to attack Georgie. If he does, he is promptly removed from the sofa (where he likes to attack her) and put on the floor. After a while he seems to understand that he’s not allowed on the sofa if he’s going to go for Georgie. If he’s sitting there nicely and leaving her alone, then we leave him be.

It might take a long time but I think we’ll eventually get back to normal. Georgie doesn’t seem too upset about it, which is good. She’s just interested in cuddling up to me nowadays (methinks it’s egg laying time soon. Uh oh!).

I’ve been trying to take some video of Georgie when she dances for me but I always ruin it by speaking in ‘baby talk’. When will I learn that talking like that doesn’t sound right when others view it! :D