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Elmo is generally a happy pigeon. He’s content laying in his nest (a guinea pig nest) twitching furiously at me for the most part of the day / evening, occasionally wondering around the flat and calling me to what he considers ideal corners to roost in.

Sunday wasn’t one of those days. Elmo is a little put out that we have a new pigeon in the house (Malcolm / Minnie) and hasn’t been behaving like himself. He’s very aggressive, and very territorial!

On-top of this we discovered something we thought was hugely entertaining. If we showed Elmo the blue underside of his nest he went absolutely bananas! He’d rush up to it to attack it, wing slap it, and vigorously peck at it. Most unlike Elmo. We may have taken this a little too far on Sunday, and Elmo spent the most part of the afternoon and evening in a foul mood indeed.

On Monday we decided it would be best if we didn’t take Malcolm / Minnie home, to give Elmo and Georgie a break. Elmo is most pleased with this decision and is back to his normal loving self again.

Ever since we’ve had Elmo he’s been happily feeding Richard – as mated pairs do. I’ve seen feral pigeons feeding each other and always assumed that it was the male pigeons feeding their female partner. I didn’t think that Georgie would ever try to feed me, however she has started to do in the last week or so.

After having watched Elmo’s feeding behaviour I immediately recognised the signs in Georgie that she wanted to feed me. I gave her my pinky and she took it in her mouth and tried to chuck up some food. Yuck! ;)

I managed to get a photo of one such incident:


Looks uncomfortable but Georgie goes at it with vigour! :D

Fortunately she hasn’t actually brought up any food, and neither has Elmo, but both love to feed us as a sign of their affection and commitment to us. Aren’t we lucky?!

Today was a lovely sunny day. We took Elmo and Georgie out into the garden to spend some time in the sun. Since Georgie is semi-blind and cannot fly properly we put her in an outdoor pen to prevent her from suddenly taking off like a helicopter. She does so when she gets a fright – especially in unfamiliar surroundings. Elmo is allowed to walk about in the garden but only under supervision. (Sounds like they are naughty children!)

There were some feral pigeons sitting on the rooftop of our house and the neighbouring house, watching us. After a while one flew down to eat, with the others soon after it. They must have realised that we weren’t a threat. We were amazed at how close they got to Elmo without him freaking out. At one point though Elmo started walking with them and we were worried he might try to fly away with them, but we soon saw that he was in fact trying to walk back to the flat but having to walk through the ferals. (We think this might have been going through Elmo’s mind: “Just think like a pigeon. They won’t notice. Just be the pigeon.”)

Here are a few photos of our pigeons and the feral pigeons:






It’s raining now; overcast and grey, light rain falling steadily. A moment ago there were 7 wood pigeons in our garden, snapping up the peanuts I had thrown down earlier, however, they all burst into the sky in a quick rapid movement as a squirrel scared them away, claiming the remaining peanuts for itself.

Georgie, Elmo and Miss Minnie Malcolm are not getting along so they are each sat in their respective areas of the living room: Georgie on my leg preening herself, Elmo asleep on Richard’s chest and Minnie by Georgie’s cage on the cabinet (in a minute she’ll hop into Georgie’s cage to steal the seed).

Our pigeons may not be getting along with one another now, but they are warm, dry and safe from the dangers of the outside world. Sometimes I think of all the dangers that wild animals have to endure – especially since man appeared on the scene. Once upon a time wildlife’s biggest problems were predators, bad weather and food shortages. Now they not only have those age old problems but an abundance of others: most man-made!

When you think about all the man-made dangers it’s a wonder that wild animals have survived at all. You’ve got rubbish that animals can get caught in or injest and die from; cars and other vehicles; urbanization; gardening practices that can injure or kill animals (e.g. using a strimmer, putting down poison); pesticides and other poisonous chemicals being dumped into the land and ocean; millions of domesticated animals, e.g. cats and dogs, that hunt and kill wildlife; as well as activites of man that directly kill and maim wildlife, e.g. hunting. What a lovely world! :(

It amazes me how resiliant wildlife can be. Feral pigeons included. Mankind has tried its best to make this world so uninviting but the good ol’ feral pigeons have fought back and continue to populate the world. And how have they done this? By being able to breed all year round, to nest and live anywhere, to have both parents able to produce crop-milk and feed their young, and to have a diet that isn’t picky (fish and chips? Yeah, why not!).

Although it will be incredibly sad to loose all those rare and wonderful species at least we know that some animals will be with us for longer than others (before they too eventually disappear… along with us humans). Doom and gloom? Definately! But that’s just the rain affecting my mood. :)

I’m happy to have my pigeons safe and sound in our flat, cuddled up to us as we read or watch a movie. It’s the same scenario as someone with a dog or a cat. Nothing strange. … But pigeons are way cooler! :D

I absolutely love this video:

:D Brilliant stuff!!

Love it!

Watch his other videos too and you’ll see some wonderful pigeons.

Here’s a few:

The routine for Malcolm pigeon at the moment is to be at my workplace in an aviary during the day and to come home with Richard and I to stay for the night. One reason why we brought Malcolm home in the first place (besides the fact that Malcolm is so tiny and sweet) was to see if he’ll bond with Georgie. This hasn’t happened for two reasons:

  1. Georgie is incubating eggs and is not receptive to making new friends.
  2. Malcolm is a girl.

In the previous posts about Malcolm I mentioned that we didn’t know if he was a boy or a girl. The other evening Malcolm exhibited some very girly behaviours but we couldn’t be 100% sure. Yesterday I took him to work and put him in the aviary and the male pigeons in the next aviary went bananas and were prancing about and cooing madly to get Malcolm’s attention. I knew then that Malcolm was a girl but wanted more proof (I still couldn’t be 100% certain because there was a female pigeon in the same avairy as Malcolm which the male pigeons were also cooing to, so I wasn’t sure if they were cooing solely to her or to Malcolm also).

Tonight Richard patted Malcolm on the back and she leant down, wings slightly spread out flat and bottom feathers fanned out – in other words, Malcolm presented herself for mating just like a female pigeon does! And so Malcolm baby has been renamed Miss Minnie Malcolm, or simply Minnie for short. :)

When Richard and I first got Georgie, and later Elmo, I have to admit we were quite smug about it. We thought we were unique and different in opening our hearts and home to so-called ‘dirty’ pigeons. A quick search on the internet soon proved us wrong in this thought. There are many websites, forums, blogs and videos on the net dedicated to pigeons and people who love them.

I’m happy to find that my husband and I are not unique at all – rather, we belong to that special pigeon society with other people around the world – people who love and cherish pigeons, just like they do cats and dogs. It is wonderful to see that not everyone in the world sees pigeons as something to hate, fear or persecute.

I hope that our blog, as well as the others on the net, will help in dispelling the myths, fears, hate and stupidity that surrounds feral pigeons. Being unique would have been a lonely existance. We proudly declare our love for pigeons and hope to spread this love to others.


Ps. I hope that didn’t sound too cheesy. :)

Elmo has a very human way of letting us know when he doesn’t want to eat or drink something: He shakes his head ‘no’. :D

If we offer him a drink or some of our dinner and he doesn’t like the look of it Elmo will shake his head and sometimes will also walk away. It is so adorable and human-like that it never fails to make us laugh. Sometimes Elmo really wants to try the food but doesn’t dare to and he’ll stand next to us staring at the food and shaking his head – unable to make up his mind.

What a darling!! :D

Only have time for a short post today (lots of housework to do).

Here’s an interesting website about pigeon ‘footprints’ on pavement: http://pigeontracks.wordpress.com/

So we brought Malcolm home the other day. … We couldn’t help it!

At first Malcolm was a bit unsure about being in a new place, especially when Elmo came running over and was prancing about loudly. Malcolm was on the floor with Elmo and Georgie near and at first the pigeons were ok with each other; Elmo wary and Georgie curious. But then Malcolm pecked Georgie and she ran away and Elmo tried to attack Malcolm, so we put him on the sofa and observed how he behaved to the new environment.

Georgie is still very defensive in her egg sitting mode, so we’re not taking her behaviour as being the ‘norm’ at the moment, but Elmo is not impressed with Malcolm.

Malcolm spend the evening sitting on our shoulder or by us on the sofa, not flying about or wanting to explore. He’s a funny little thing and we haven’t figured out his character completely, so maybe with time he’ll start exploring the flat on his own.

He can fly but chooses to climb and walk about more which we find peculiar. Isn’t flying easier and quicker? At the moment he’s preening himself on Richard’s shoulder. He doesn’t seem fazed by anything. He has the sweetest high pitched voice and very small features (since he’s so miniture). He’s only about 6 months old and we’re not sure if he’s a ‘he’ at all yet. Maybe we should send one of his feathers to be DNA sexed? If Malcolm turns out to be a girl I would rename him ‘Minnie’, however, Richard would rename him ‘Mel’. :)

More on Malcolm later! (Malcolm’s story was posted on the 11th March.)


Malcolm nibbling Richard's hand