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Last year Richard and I went on holiday to Cornwall (with Elmo, read more: “Oh we do like to be beside the seaside”) and we visited a wildlife park called Porfell Wildlife Park & Sanctuary in Trecangate. While we were walking about looking at the different animals they had there (a variety of wildlife, farm and domestic animals) we were stopped by a very familiar sound – a pigeon cooing.

We were at an enclosure that had different types of birds in it (mainly ground dwelling birds such as pheasants) and we searched for the pigeon that we could hear calling us but couldn’t see. Then suddenly a beautiful white and grey fancy pigeon hopped down from its hiding place and started cooing and dancing for us. We caught it on video (we had to take out the sound because we sounded like idiots as we fawned over the pigeon!).

What a beauty! And such a lovely character – very human-oriented. This year when we go to Cornwall we’ll go see if the pigeon is still there. I hope so!