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As promised here’s an update on Minnie’s and mummy pigeon’s new life:

We visited them today and I have to say that it was lovely to see Minnie again. As soon as she saw us she jumped onto the aviary mesh and started flapping to get our attention. She obviously recognised us and was happy to see us!


Minnie (right) and her new mate

Minnie has paired up with a handsome big boy and she laid her first ever egg last Wednesday (14th April). She’s only 7 months old and still just as small. Minnie laid only one tiny egg, which was quickly replaced with a dummy egg. When Richard and I arrived at the aviary Minnie’s mate was incubating it.

The mummy pigeon hasn’t had as much luck unfortunately! :(


Mummy pigeon

Although there are two other single males in the aviary neither have courted her, which I find surprising since she was such a big hit with the male pigeons at my workplace. But at least she is in a safe environment.

One of the single males is currently trying to steal a female from another male but maybe he’ll realise he cannot have her and will concentrate on the mummy pigeon.

The other single male is a white dove and only likes white females. Here he’s excitedly courting a new female arrival (who has a broken wing):

We’re very happy with Minnie’s new life and wish her the best with her mate. They make a handsome couple!


Minnie's mate is bigger than her which this photo doesn't show.


Minnie's mate