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Elmo clearly doesn’t have the same body image as most other pigeons. The other day I actually saw him run away from a feather that was sticking out oddly from his wing! I find it hard to describe and you had to be there to really understand how hilarious and absurd he was behaving. Elmo was running away from a feather that was sticking out of his wing!!!! How ridiculous is that?! (Richard has previously reported Elmo’s funny feather behaviour: Elmo the human pigeon)

Another behaviour that makes me laugh is sometimes when Richard gets up to get a drink Elmo will chase after him like he’s afraid Richard will disappear. He is so quick!

And Georgie has her funny behaviour too. When she’s in her real lovey dovey mood she’ll stick to me like glue. When I lie on the sofa watching TV Georgie insists on sitting right under my chin. It would be alright if she only didn’t move about so much (she likes to move her legs back and forth as if she’s making a nest). If I’m not wearing a jumper or high-necked shirt then she really scratches up my neck and chest. Ouch.