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We have discovered what looks like a blood blister on one of Elmo’s toes. :(

Since he has a slight limp and drags his left foot a bit when he walks, Elmo has developed slight carpet burns and a blood blister on his left foot.

P1020269We have put a small plaster around the blister to prevent him from aggravating it any more and are keeping an eye on it. We don’t want to have to burst it since it could become infected.

It’s been two days now and it hasn’t gone away yet. If it’s still there by the weekend we’ll take him to the vet to see what advice and treatment they can give.

Short of ripping up the carpeting there isn’t much we can do to prevent him from getting sores on his left foot since he puts more pressure on that foot due to his limp. Maybe we should make little shoes for Elmo?!

Here’s the poor boy with his plaster on: