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Richard took Elmo out for his usual after work/evening walk in the garden. Elmo was highly excited because we had come home after leaving him alone for many hours (which sometimes makes me feel guilty. How can we leave him alone for so long?). He pranced out into the garden and did his usual thing: peck at the grass, seed, earth and any other thing that looks interesting. The feral pigeons came down to feed with him. Now this is all something I’ve said before. Nothing new.

However, this day there was an added element: RAIN!

It was raining ever so gently and after being out in the garden for a few minutes a change occured in Elmo. His feathers started to puff out, making him look like a feather duster. He started shaking his head as the rain fell onto his head and into his eyes. Then his body was shaken as he shook out his wings and fanned out his tail to let the rain fall onto his skin and feathers. Elmo was having a bath in the rain!

Of course we were enthralled with the sight and I rushed to get my camera. Then I remembered that I had accidently left it at work. So I rushed to grab our video camera and discovered that its batteries were flat. In desperation I got hold of my mobile phone and attempted to take a photo with it but being the anti-mobile phone user that I am I never really learnt how to use the camera on my mobile so I couldn’t take the photo I wanted. Anyway, next time it rains we’ll chuck Elmo out and record all his silly moments in the rain. :)