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Georgie – For some reason George doesn’t seem to understand that the right side of the sofa is Elmo’s territory (see A complicated relationship). For the past week or so she has been constantly walking over to that side of the sofa, which annoys Elmo to no end. He chases her away and then a bit later she’ll try again. Sometimes it is to get to the peanuts (which I sometimes need to put in the middle of the sofa so that she can eat them in peace), but most of the time I think Georgie’s got some secret agenda.

Elmo – His blood blister is no longer soft but has dried up a bit. It doesn’t seem to bother him or cause him any pain. We don’t think we need to take Elmo to the vet because the blister seems to be going away, albeit slowly.

Dora – Today Dora’s babies (yes, I know, more babies! I try to keep on top of the situation but I just can’t keep up with Dora and her egg laying. She’s so sneaky!) came out from under the hutch when I fed the pigeons at work and were squeaking at her and the other pigeons. They are so adorable. I just love pigeon squabs! I watched Dora feed them and then they went back under the hutch to have a nap. I’ll try to get photos and a video of them next time.

Minnie – I was told today that Minnie is trying to start a family but thankfully her new carer has sneakily switched Minnie’s eggs with fake ones. One type of pigeon contraception at work! Since Minnie is so small I do wonder what her babies would look like. Would they be like her or more like Minnie’s mate who is of normal size? Maybe one day she’ll have a few oops babies and we’ll see.