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I’ve noticed that we’ve been posting more about Elmo than about Georgie. This is not because we love Elmo more and want to talk about him more – we love both of our pigeons equally – it’s just that there’s so much more to say about Elmo because he’s such a social boy and interacts with everyone more than Georgie does and therefore there is more to say about him.

Georgie is a secretive, mysterious. She is my first pigeon love, however, she’s not so forthcoming towards other people. Everyone loves Elmo at first sight because he jumps at the chance to show them how wonderful he is. If I compare Georgie and Elmo to the general character of other species then I’d say that Elmo is like a dog, outspoken and wants to please people, and Georgie is like a cat, more reserved and laid back.

I do worry that when visitors come over that they don’t notice George – Elmo is all they can see and who they want to play with. He steals the show. He’s a bit of a clown – and a love-sponge! Georgie is stealth – she sneaks up on you and announces her presence when she’s found you (“I’m here mommy, I found you, look how good I am!”). She is quiet and sometimes an introvert. But she loves me and wants to be near me so she’ll seek my company and demand my affections. Not that I mind most of the time, although during dinner it can be a bit annoying to have a pigeon trying to sit on your lap and nest there.

George is a content little girl and I’m always amazed at how lovely she is. Here’s my darling pigeon in one of her quiet moments. I wonder what she’s thinking?