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Feral pigeon flock

Due to the ever growing number of feral pigeons visiting our garden we’ve been forced to buy seed and peanuts in bulk. What have we done?! First there were 2 pigeons we fed, then there were 6, and now over 16 pigeons are dependent on us. This was not supposed to happen! All of a sudden we have the responsibility to feed the many wildlife we’ve attracted to our garden. Oh well, I guess that’s the tiny price to pay to have lovely animals in the garden. Wouldn’t change it for a thing!

A few weeks ago we ran out of seed and we couldn’t bear to see the pigeons hanging about looking so miserable and hungry at us (I swear they do know how to pull at our heart-strings, the little manipulators!). :)

So off to the garden centre to buy some emergency seed and the pigeons practically mobbed us when we got home (as did the robin!). To prevent the same thing happening again we decided that we had to buy some sacks of seed and peanuts. After a bit of research for quality and price, we ordered from a local feed store and received a 25kg sack of peanuts and a 20kg sack of wildbird seed, which should last a few months!


Feral pigeon on feeder.

Unfortunately we have to keep the seed indoors due to the badgers, squirrels and rats that forage in our garden. The badgers have broken into a container of peanuts before and eaten all of them so we cannot take any chances. One day we’ll have a garden shed to keep everything under lock and key, however, in the meantime the two sacks have to stay indoors much to Elmo’s delight. He’s never seen so many peanuts before in his life and I do believe he thinks the 25kg sack of peanuts is all his! :)

Now that all the birds, squirrels and badgers are fed the only animal left to feed is the fox. Yesterday I threw some cat biscuits into the garden and at dusk I saw a fox and a cat eating the biscuits almost nose to nose! Amazing! I managed to take a photo of the fox before he ran away:


Fox in the garden