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Social Network Links

Pretty girl!

When we first got Georgie I wanted to share all the photos and videos we took of her so I set up her own Facebook account so ‘she’ (ahem, I) could upload everything for my family and friends to see.

Georgie now has 56 friends and enjoys seeing photos and stories from everyone, animal people in particular. Search for ‘Georgie Pigeon’ on Facebook and add her as a friend if you want to see more about her – particulary how we called her a boy before we knew any better!! I find it quite amusing to see all the comments I wrote on her photos refering to her as a boy. How silly!

There are also many videos of Georgie on YouTube. Simply click on this link: http://www.youtube.com/user/PigeonsAsPets

Now we have this website to advertise our love for our pigeons and Georgie is certainly loving the attention.