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Some days Georgie makes my life very uncomfortable. The other day I was happily snuggled up on the sofa with George on my lap – also snuggled and content – when Richard accidentally put his mobile phone near her with the screen was lit and she instantly turned into a devil-pigeon: Her feathers puffed out, her eyes hardened, and she wing slapped the hell out of the mobile phone. If I hadn’t been so concerned for Georgie’s mental health it would have been quite funny.

As already mentioned (in Camera shy? and other posts) Georgie has an intense dislike for cameras, video recorders, mobile phones and earphones. If I have her on my lap whilst texting or listening to music with earphones on Georgie will start pecking and slapping the devices angrily (she’ll also grab the earphone cable and shake it vigorously, ultimately dislodging them from my ears). Often she’ll make contact with my hands and arms instead of the despised device so it can make my life very uncomfortable indeed.

I guess George’s technophobic.

Strangely, she doesn’t mind the TV or computers. At least so far we haven’t seen her launch an attack on them, but maybe she’ll decide that she’s tolerated the machines enough and will try to get rid of them. … Try explaining that to the home insurers?!