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I have to have a rant about pest control companies. They really ruffle my feathers, so to speak. The misinformation they spread about pigeons does my head in, and the fact that they pretend they are protecting people by charging huge amounts of money to remove so-called ‘pests’ and protect buildings by bird proofing is criminal. All they do is kill animals and therefore make the area available for more such animals to move in and make a home there (so in fact they are just a short term solution) and putting up netting and spikes that not only trap birds but also harm them if they try to land in the area.

During the past few weeks I’ve been reading lots of news about pigeons being trapped in buildings, under bridges, etc., due to pest control companies putting up netting. These unfeeling people don’t want to waste their time and money to remove the pigeons (really, all they need to do is shoo them off. And if there are babies – just take them to a rescue centre! But what am I saying? These are vermin I’m talking about!!), rather they feel fine with just trapping them and leaving them to die a slow and painful death. All they care about is making money and they have no compassion. Surely leaving animals to die in such a way is against the law? Aren’t they supposed to kill animals in a humane way if they must kill?

Sure, these could all be lovely people who love their family and dog and cat, but I sometimes wonder how they can sleep at night? And who would want to set up a pest control company and kill animals for a living? Maybe they truly believe in the myths and misinformation they spread? Maybe they really think they are protecting people? … And most horrific of all, maybe they believe that so-called pests and vermin don’t have the same feelings as the beloved cat and dog?