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One thing I love about having pigeons is that they’re always surprising me with their behaviour. I’ve never had pigeons before so I don’t know what to expect. Often I turn to see what Elmo or Georgie are doing and see them doing something so funny or sweet that my heart melts with love for them. It’s amazing!


Georgie having a nap

One such funny behaviour is when Georgie decides to sit down in the middle of the floor for a nap. You’d think she’d want to find a nice secluded spot since she’s semi-blind but no, the middle of the floor is the safest place in her mind!

Not only are pigeons surprising, they’re also very cunning. Elmo seems to like attacking me and today I didn’t have any socks on whilst cooking and Elmo ran up to me and gave my toes a good pecking. Ouch!! He’s lucky I didn’t pop him into the pot for pigeon stew, the sneaky bugger. But Elmo’s most cunning act is to poo on the sofa and wait for me to come clean it up. As soon as my hand reaches down to wipe the poo away with kitchen roll Elmo strikes, viciously attacking my hand. Sometimes I have to ask my husband to hold Elmo so I can clean up after him, because I can see how eagerly Elmo’s eyeing up my hand. It’s all a fun game for him! The other day I thought I’d be clever and held a magazine around the poo so I could clean it in peace, however, Elmo was quick to react and ran around to the other side and managed to peck my hand. Richard was in stitches over the sight.


Elmo preening

Yesterday was another lazy Sunday and although Richard was having a nap on the sofa and therefore couldn’t give Elmo any cuddles, Elmo was happy to stand on Richard and preen himself. He’s just happy to have Richard in the same room, even if he’s fast asleep. I was afraid Elmo was going to wake my hubby up at one point because he was gently pecking Richard’s leg, his way of preening him. Sweetness.

Now that George is getting broody again she’s trying to find a good spot to lay her eggs in. She seems to like the little shelf on the side of the coffee table, however, whenever I put her fleece nest in there she kicks it out. Weird.