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Although we don’t know the date when Georgie was born we know that she must have been born in October 2007 since she was taken to a rescue centre in November as a squeaker. Richard and I made the 1st of October as her birthday since it’s easy for us to remember.

Elmo on the other hand is a bit of a mystery. We know he was born in 2000 but we don’t know what month. Since we took Elmo home with us on the 20th of November (in 2008) we’ve set that as the date of his birthday.

So this is just a heads up for all that Georgie will be 3 years old on the 1st of October and Elmo will be 10 years old on the 20th of November.

Sometimes I find it hard to believe that Elmo is going to be 10 years old. A lot of people don’t realise how long birds can live for. I believe I’ve read that pigeons can live into their early 20′s in captivity (with good genes and the correct diet and housing. I think 15 years of age is the average lifespan of a captive pigeon), however, in the wild the average lifespan is 5 years (I don’t know this for certain, just what I’ve read). I hope and wish with all my heart that Elmo and George live well into their late 20′s, early 30′s!

We’ve taken on a long commitment and responsibility by taking these two pigeons into our care. We have to think about their physical and mental wellbeing, and if we want to go on holiday we have to think about pet-sitting, which adds on extra costs to the holiday budget. However, we wouldn’t change things. It is a responsibility and commitment we gladly take on to have them in our lives.

Georgie baby

The only photo I have of George when she was found as a squeaker. Photo courtesy of Stuart Innes.