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A while back we posted about Elmo attacking the underside of his nest (in Mood swings) and of being scared of a blue water tray in the garden (in Fly, birdie, fly!). His behaviour got me thinking. … In the old flat I used to wear a big blue bathrobe after having a shower and Elmo was very scared of it. There seems to be a connection here. I think Elmo doesn’t like the colour blue. In some situations he’s scared of the colour and in another he freaks out and attacks the offending coloured object. … I tend to wear blue quite often (my work uniform is blue for instance) and Elmo always attacks me with vigour. … Maybe I need to start wearing more green, which is Elmo’s favourite colour (I guess because it reminds him of all the nice green things he can eat such as lettuce, grass, peas, etc.).

Elmo can be quite intimidating, as demonstrated by this photo:


Imagine waking up to this in the morning?! It’s a look that says, “Wake up now or I’ll peck you!” :D