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When we moved into our new home back in December 09 we had 2 feral pigeons come down and eat from our ground feeder. This number has grown exponentially (as you can imagine), and whilst we love having well over 42 pigeons coming down 2-3 times daily, we are a little worried about neighbours. The last thing we want is pest control companies coming round while we are away at work.

So we are going to gradually reduce their food in an effort to reduce their numbers. At its peak we would thrown out 4-5 cups of peanuts and 4-5 cups of seed a day (25kgs peanuts and 25kgs seed a month).

It’s heartbreaking, but we’re reducing down to a cup of each in the morning, and a cup of each in the evening too. Many of the pigeons that now visit us are this years young so they need to learn to find food elsewhere. They cannot be totally dependant on us. Hopefully, with the slow food reduction they’ll realise there isn’t enough food for the whole big flock and move on to forage further afield. We will miss them but we really don’t want to create a problem.