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Before I tell you about Maddie, I just want to say how much I LOVE our new website design!! It is amazing!!! I’m very proud of my husband who spent many evenings designing it. All the coding looked like gibberish to me but Richard understands what it means. It’s a bit like the Matrix and the coding they first see on the computer screen. :)

MaddieSo, about Maddie. She’s a lovely feral pigeon that had made friends with some people at a care home, however, due to health and safety regulations the warden had to remove the pigeon. Since he liked the pigeon he brought it to my work for rehoming (I’ve actually already introduced you to Maddie before in “If we could walk with the animals, talk with the animals”, except back then we didn’t know if she was a girl or a boy).

It seems I’m always saying that we (at the rescue centre) are going to release pigeons but then end up keeping them (as was the case with Peaches). We strive to release the majority of the rescued pigeons we receive, however, if they are fancy pigeons, disabled or extremely tame, we rehome them to aviaries. After seeing how friendly Maddie was I decided to see if she would like to live in the tame/disabled pigeon aviary at work. I mixed her in and quickly established that she was female – which is a bonus since there are two bachelor pigeons that need a mate in the aviary – and hoped that she’d pair up with either Lord Nelson or Stanley.

A few weeks later and she doesn’t seem much interested in the male pigeons, except for Pidge, Dora’s mate. When I went in and sat down in the aviary Pidge flew down and started dancing to my hand. Maddie seemed extremely interested in what he was doing and wanted to fly down but Dora had beat her to it. I think Dora was jealous of Pidge’s attentions. I think I’ll need to let Maddie know that there is no way that Dora will let her steal Pidge from her, so she’d better turn her attentions to the single boys!

When I came to work on Monday my boss took me aside and informed me that a pigeon had escaped from the aviary in the weekend and wanted me to identify which one is missing. I was upset but when I went to the aviary I saw the escapee sitting on top of it. It was Maddie!! She was desperate to get back in, however, was a bit cautious of us and wouldn’t let us come near to catch her. We set up a big cage trap we have (humane of course) but all we caught was an ex-battery cage hen. Silly girl!

Later in the day I gave the pigeons some treats and Maddie was desperately trying to go through the bars at the top of the aviary to get to the treats. I knew that now was the moment to catch her. Shaking the bowl that contained peanuts I lured her down and managed to grab her. After a quick check up to make sure she wasn’t injured in any way, I put her back in and she ate to her hearts content. A few days out in the ‘wild’ made her realise that the aviary was the best place to be. Her new home. I only hope she pairs up with one of the single boys and I’m sure she’ll be happy as Larry. :D

More photos of her to come soon.

Ps. The new pigeon aviary at my work is nearly completed and I’m hoping to move the resident pigeons into it later this week. I cannot wait. It is such a great aviary – much bigger with proper nesting areas and proper perches. Photos to come soon!