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Weighed the pigeons today. Georgie is 305 grams, which isn’t great. We’d prefer her to be above 320 grams. Elmo is a nice 368 grams! It’s the heaviest he’s been.

George is quite easy to weigh – I just put her on the scales and she stands there. Elmo on the other hand is not quite so easy. If I put him on the scales he runs about trying to attack me, so my hubby has to put him on the scales – in which case Elmo runs about trying to court him. So Richard has to try to calm Elmo down to get him to stand still for a moment so we can get a true weight number. It can take a while.

Georgie stands by and just shakes her head in disbelief at Elmo’s behaviour, proud of the fact that she does it like a pro. Here she is shying away from Elmo who’s just walked past her: