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Well, I’ve finally finished the new website design and incorporated it into WordPress. I do hope you all like it.

Firstly, although our site has been tested for Internet Explorer, it has been designed for Firefox, so if you are using Internet Explorer you won’t see a lot of the design elements I’ve included.

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I hope no-one has any troubles. There are still a few things I’d like to tweek and get right, but that’s a never ending task.

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Yesterday everyone got a bit pigeon mad about a little juvenile speckled pigeon that was sitting on the Algeria goal post during the England v Algeria match (see original post). For those who haven’t seen his now famous face, here’s a photo of the cute fella:

Juvenile speckled pigeon3

Who would have thought that so many football fans would be interested in a little pigeon? After the pigeon had made his first appearance I quickly searched for a photo and video of him to post. You’ll be amazed how quickly people were writing about him on the net. Within an hour after the match facebook pages and groups were being made in honour of the pigeon and people were asking “What species of pigeon is it?” in bird forums. We received 624 visitors to our website yesterday, with 619 so far today! I am amazed!!

I found this article and video online: Pigeon video: Flying winger lightens up England v Algeria

(I know there’s about 5 adverts before the pigeon video comes on but it’s worth the wait for the 16 second close up of the pigeon.)

Seeing as Georgie cannot see properly she didn’t take much interest in the pigeon, however, Elmo was certainly intrigued when seeing it:


By the way, at the time of writing this, nearly 77,000 people like the pigeon on one of the facebook pages. Insane! :D

The England v Algeria football match became interesting for our pet pigeons when a bird was spotted sitting on the Algeria goal post during the match. After a replay we saw what looked to be a juvenile speckled pigeon (Columba guinea) sitting quite safely on the goal post (seeing as there wasn’t much of a threat of a goal from England):

Here’s photos of the pigeon:

Juvenile speckled pigeon

Juvenile speckled pigeon2

And here’s a photo of a different juvenile speckled pigeon:

Juvenile speckled pigeon (photo from Dave Shedman)

Buy your official Pigeons As Pets England v Algeria T-shirts: “Ah! The Algerian goal, the safest place to nest.” at http://www.cafepress.co.uk/pigeonsaspets



Cooing comes in many different sounds: honks, squeaks, and in high and low tones. I love cooing doves. I find them comical.

Skip ahead to 0:22 for his adorable coo:

Wonder what he’s laughing at! :)

I’ve noticed something about Dora and the pigeons in the resident disabled/tame aviary at work. Although most of the pigeons are paired up and are generally busy with domestic life, Dora holds a certain power over the male pigeons.

Sometimes as she walks about doing nothing in particular the male pigeons leave their mates and start dancing and cooing to her. Dora ignores them since she’s found love with Pidge, but the other males cannot help trying their luck. There’s nothing wrong with the other female pigeons in the aviary, some have been loyal partners for over 6 years, but Dora’s presence has upset the peaceful balance in the aviary. The males cannot resist her. She’s like the Megan Fox of pigeons.

I think it is because Dora eminates a certain vibe that the male pigeons love. She’s always broody and up for it – basically a bit of a tramp – and I think the males sense this and therefore feel the need to court her.

I haven’t seen much evidence of any infidelity on Dora’s part, which is good. It means she’s sticking with her mate, Pidge. But I think I need to have a little chat with her to ask her to tone it down a bit so that the male pigeons don’t get distracted by her presence. (Am I being sexist?)

Dora is a naturally beautiful pigeon though – something she cannot help – so maybe the males will always be a bit in love with her. Oh well.


Beautiful Dora

Over the past week or so we’ve discovered a number of pigeon feathers in the garden – not enough to indicate that a sparrowhawk has attacked but more feathers than a regular moult. We were intrigued. What’s happening?

Then, a few days ago, I looked out the window into the garden and saw an adult magpie chasing a juvenile pigeon away, grabbing onto its tail feathers and pulling them out as the pigeon flew away. Mystery solved!

We’re not worried that the magpies will do any serious harm to the pigeons, they’re obviously just chasing them away so they can have a chance to eat the peanuts we throw out there. Everyone gets a chance: the pigeons, squirrels, rat, magpies, jays, foxes and badgers all enjoy the peanuts.


Visiting jay

Although we don’t know the date when Georgie was born we know that she must have been born in October 2007 since she was taken to a rescue centre in November as a squeaker. Richard and I made the 1st of October as her birthday since it’s easy for us to remember.

Elmo on the other hand is a bit of a mystery. We know he was born in 2000 but we don’t know what month. Since we took Elmo home with us on the 20th of November (in 2008) we’ve set that as the date of his birthday.

So this is just a heads up for all that Georgie will be 3 years old on the 1st of October and Elmo will be 10 years old on the 20th of November.

Sometimes I find it hard to believe that Elmo is going to be 10 years old. A lot of people don’t realise how long birds can live for. I believe I’ve read that pigeons can live into their early 20′s in captivity (with good genes and the correct diet and housing. I think 15 years of age is the average lifespan of a captive pigeon), however, in the wild the average lifespan is 5 years (I don’t know this for certain, just what I’ve read). I hope and wish with all my heart that Elmo and George live well into their late 20′s, early 30′s!

We’ve taken on a long commitment and responsibility by taking these two pigeons into our care. We have to think about their physical and mental wellbeing, and if we want to go on holiday we have to think about pet-sitting, which adds on extra costs to the holiday budget. However, we wouldn’t change things. It is a responsibility and commitment we gladly take on to have them in our lives.

Georgie baby

The only photo I have of George when she was found as a squeaker. Photo courtesy of Stuart Innes.

I am sad to announce that Elmo and the plastic cup are breaking up. Elmo’s romance with the green plastic cup started in April of this year and he’s been courting it with great vigour, however, today something else caught Elmo’s eye and he couldn’t resist flirting with it. The green cup was not pleased when it discovered Elmo’s infidelity and quickly ended things with him.

So what could have possibly drawn Elmo away from his beloved cup? Only the round shape and brown tones of an onion!!


I was preparing to peel an onion when I noticed Elmo looking intently at it. I placed the onion on the kitchen floor and immediatly Elmo pranced over to it and began his courtship dance. I could only shake my head in disbelief. It seems that Elmo will court anything except another pigeon! Silly boy!

Today is National Pigeon Day!!

(or the proposed day in the US. It’s not official yet. It should be International Pigeon Day really!)

However, technicalities aside, today is a day to remember those pigeons that selflessly served us humans, especially in WWI. Whilst every day should be a day to love, honour, respect and celebrate all pigeons around the world, today is the ‘official’ pigeon loving day. :)

Here in our humble abode we decided to give the visiting feral pigeon flock some extra treats to eat, which they happily gobbled up.

Even though I don’t think it’s possible since they get so many already, Elmo and Georgie got extra cuddles and kisses. We feel very lucky to have two such lovely pigeons living with us and wanted to let them know how much we love them. … I feel my crazy pigeon person side shining through for all to see now!! I feel a touch embarressed.

Here’s our little pigeon party:


Us crazy pigeon people? Never!


Elmo's ready to blow out the candles


Elmo didn't like the look of the balloons so he flapped and destroyed the nicely set table. Georgie doesn't look too impressed with him.

Don’t worry, we blew the candles out before Elmo panicked. We weren’t going to take any chances with fire and feathers!

We let Elmo and Georgie have a fairy cake each but Elmo liked the brioche more. George on the other hand LOVED the fairy cake and went bananas over it!


Elmo takes a bite out of the fairy cake


Elmo likes the brioche more than the fairy cake


Georgie loves fairy cake!

I hope everyone else had a lovely day with their pigeons! I’d love to hear from you what you did. :)

For more info on National Pigeon Day please go to: National Pigeon Day blog

Warning! If you don’t want to know the score of today’s England v USA match then don’t read this post.

So the World Cup has arrived and taken over the lives of many people. Personally, I couldn’t really give a crap, however, the man of the household has decided he’s going to watch the matches whether I like it or not! :)

Out came the beer, snacks and funny hats. Elmo also got into the mood:




A bit silly, I admit, but I had to do something to pass the time whilst the game was on. :D

I got into the game towards the end. As my dad advised me: “If you can’t beat them, join them!” I think Elmo was as disappointed as us with the 1:1 score. He chucked his hat down and stamped on it in frustration. Georgie on the other hand wasn’t bothered by it all. I tried to get her to hold a little flag but she flatly refused. Here she is shying away from the flag:


The dear girl turned her back to the TV and promptly fell asleep – not hearing any of our shouts at England’s poor performance!