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P1030552The other day we received a very special boy at my work – a 1 year old feral pigeon that had been hand-reared and was very tame and human-oriented. The pigeon, called Sebastian or Coo-face (very sweet!), is a very healthy specimen and has a great character. The person who had raised him thought it was time to see if Sebastian would find a mate and to also give him a better quality of life – which we hope to provide.

First we need to see how Coo-face reacts to other pigeons, then, if the outcome is good we’ll rehome him to an aviary of tame and disabled pigeons with the hopes he’ll pair up with a lovely lady pigeon and start his journey to becoming a pigeon.

If, however, he doesn’t seem very interested in other pigeons we’ll have to rehome him to a home that can give him the personal attention he needs. I have to admit I want to smuggle him home with me (to see if he’ll like Georgie) – but we tried that before, with Minnie, and it didn’t work out at all (see: Minnie’s new home). But I’m still eager to find Georgie a mate, however, maybe a human-imprinted pigeon isn’t the best bet since Sebastian will probably only be interested in us not Georgie!

One day I hope to have a special aviary suited for Georgie and her mate if we ever get to find one for her. There’s bound to be a pigeon out there that finds her irrestistible! In the meantime I might introduce Georgie to Sebastian just to see if he’ll take to her, however, it’ll have to be at my work since I don’t want to upset Elmo in any way (what a spoilt boy he is!).

Sebastian loves to spend time on my shoulder at work, which can be very distracting because all I want to do is cuddle him, and when he’s in his cage he coos away at me to get my attention! I shall soon try him in the resident pigeon aviary to see how he reacts to other pigeons and I’ll post my findings.

Doesn’t Sebastian boy look like a bigger version of Minnie? :)