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At work we received a hand-reared juvenile feral pigeon that is a bit human-friendly and very squeaky. In order to help this pigeon realise that he needs to be a pigeon and not a person, I put him in with two younger pigeons, however, this backfired a bit. One of the two younger pigeons went a bit bananas and mobbed the older pigeon, begging him for food. I thought that after a minute of hussle and bustle they’d sort themselves out, however, the younger pigeon was relentless and wouldn’t leave the older one alone, so I had to remove him. (He was chasing him around in circles!!)

I wasn’t happy about that but we then received another juvenile pigeon (a white dove type) that is a bit tame, so I thought, “That’s brilliant. They’ll love each other!” … Not quite so. The original feral pigeon was very happy to have a companion and went over to squeak at the white pigeon, however, the white one wasn’t impressed with the attention and told him off. He obviously doesn’t like the other pigeon, much to my displeasure. So far the white pigeon hasn’t attacked the other one but there is no love in the air. Poor pigeons, I’ll have to try again later.

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