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Georgie - She’s looking ready to lay eggs any moment now. She’s had 3 months rest (last time was in the beginning of April) so we are expecting her to drop a few any time soon. She’s moody, nesting and feels egg-heavy, however, she’s not holding her tail in the hunched position like she usually does when she’s about to lay eggs. .. Maybe she’s going to go through phantom egg laying?

Elmo - Nothing much to report. He’s his usual happy self. Still runs away from his own feathers when they drop off. Still defending his territory on the sofa from me and George. Still eating lots of peanuts.

Dora – She’s very happy with her mate, Pidge, in the aviary. I love to hear her cooing and chatting to him when she doesn’t know I’m listening. I’ve got to record her voice because she has a beautiful voice!

Minnie - No current news on how she’s doing, however, the last thing I heard is that she’s happy with her new role as Mrs Fancy Pigeon. Not interested in people anymore. … I’m a bit sad about that but happy that she’s paired up and thinks she’s a pigeon. It is so confusing for them when they think they are human.

At work – Seperated the juvenile feral pigeon from the white pigeon because the white one wasn’t happy with him (for more info please read yesterdays post). Will try again at a later date when there’s an aviary free to put in all the juvenile feral pigeons. That way there’s more space for them to run away from each other if they need to and to have their own personal space. I’m sure they’ll all get along fine in an aviary (till it’s time for release).