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OMG!! OMG!! Elmo has gone broody!!

The other day Elmo took a liking to Richard’s new mobile phone cover. It was very funny to watch because he was very interested in the cover but he wasn’t try to mate with it. We didn’t understand what he was doing – gently pecking it, fluffing out his belly feathers. It was a new behaviour for us to see.


Today he did the same thing to the cover and I thought “It’s like he wants to nest on it.” I mentioned this to my husband and I asked him to put the two fake eggs we have in Elmo’s nest to see how Elmo reacts to them.

To our amazement Elmo started to gently peck at the eggs, fluff out his belly feathers and tried to push the eggs under him! We captured the moment on video:

As I’m writing this Elmo is sitting in his nest, all fluffed out and broody. Although the eggs aren’t under him – they’re next to him in the nest – he’s acting as if they are. Which is good enough for him I guess!


We’ve never seen this behaviour in Elmo before. It is very sweet and endearing to watch. Richard tried to stroke Elmo and Elmo attacked his hand! Something he’s never done before on purpose!! We were quite shocked. We’ve decided to leave Elmo alone in his nest to brood.

We have no idea what has triggered this broodiness in him and we’re not sure what is going to happen now – how long will Elmo be broody? I’ll report more about this later.