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So yesterday I reported that Elmo has gone all broody on us. We are still unsure what to do now because his behaviour has changed quite a lot. He’s over-protective, moody and angry.


Proud daddy on his eggs

When we left this morning for work we put Elmo’s nest and his fake eggs in the bedroom so that he didn’t get frustrated about being seperated from them during the day (usually his nest stays in the living room). Richard kept an eye on him on the webcam and he saw that Elmo spent most of his day sitting on the eggs. Sweetheart!

Upon our return Elmo hopped off his nest, walked past me into the living room and helped himself to the peanut jar on the sofa. He didn’t say a word to me – not a coo or a dance in greeting. Now that’s a first!!

After he’d had his fill of peanuts he then proceeded to attack me. And this he did the whole time I prepared and tried to eat my dinner. Elmo was relentless! He ran after me as I walked about the flat – attacking my feet – and when I sat down to eat he jumped onto my lap and attacked my hands. He would not give up! In the end I had to put him back in the bedroom so that I could eat my dinner in peace. When I let him out he wasn’t too pleased with me at all and began his hate campaign against me. I think that now that he’s gone broody Elmo thinks the whole flat is his and is trying to chase me out.

We’re worried that he’ll cause himself harm with his obsessive attacking – we’re not sure if we should take the eggs away from him or let him sit on them for a few days to get it out of his system. I’m inclined to let him sit on them for a week. I don’t like the idea of pulling them just when he’s getting started, however, I don’t like to see him stress out about my presence. Short of me actually leaving the flat for the week (there’s some really nice hotels in the area!), there’s nothing I can really do to stop him from attacking me. If I interact with him and try to push him away he just gets even more aggressive. Richard will just have to keep Elmo occupied whilst I’m around.

I think I’m painting a rather negative picture, however, at the moment Elmo is not bothered with me as I type this up at my desk. I hope that once he realises that I’m not going anywhere – and if I don’t look or go near him – he may calm down.

A weird thing about Elmo’s broody behaviour – it seems to have made him rather fearless!! As reported previously, Elmo is scared of feathers and the harness, however, now Elmo thinks they are both excellent nesting material!! What a funny boy!