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The last couple of weeks at work have been manic – with the result that I was unable to test our newest tame boy, Sebastian (my first post on him: New Arrival: Sebastian), myself in the resident pigeon aviary – my lovely husband did it for me! Here’s the video he took of Sebastian’s reaction to the pigeons and theirs to him:

As you can see he’s not really interested in them at all. They, on the other hand, find him a threat I think – and are strutting their stuff to let him know that they’re boss.

We didn’t leave him in the aviary since I didn’t want to leave him unattended. We decided that Sebastian’s only hope of becoming a pigeon is to live amongst them – however, with human contact also. It wouldn’t be fair to cut him off completely – that could lead to depression and ill health. So we rehomed him to a lovely man who has disabled feral and fancy pigeons.


Sebastian in his new home

We visited him last weekend to see how Sebastian was getting on in his new home and there has been some slight progress. Whilst Sebastian isn’t interested in the other pigeons at all – he doesn’t sleep in the sheltered indoor bit, rather in the flight part of the aviary (which now has some shelter on so that Sebastian doesn’t get rained on), and he has to be fed seperately otherwise he gets bullied away from the food – Sebastian does seem to tolerate the company of a fancy pigeon (not sure on the breed yet) who had been shot and has a damaged wing. Although there is no direct interaction between the two yet, I’m hoping that over time Sebastian will form a close friendship with the other pigeon. At the moment though, whenever Sebastian sees his new owner he cooes and dances to get his attention.


The fancy pigeon Sebastian tolerates (one in the centre)

When we were visiting him Sebastian made a big fuss over my handbag – as imprinted pigeons often do! Silly boy. He then proceeded to court a rather plump chicken that lives in the aviary next door:


The hen doesn't look too impressed with Sebastian

The other day I was informed that Sebastian spent his first night in the sheltered indoor part of the aviary with the other pigeons, which is very good news. Maybe now he’ll start interacting positively with the other pigeons. We can only hope!


Still very interested in people!