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Elmo wasn’t too happy with us on the weekend because we took his nest and eggs away. I know, “How can you be so cruel?!” is what you’re all saying, but we had to because Elmo was becoming far too protective and territorial. After a day of sulking Elmo is back to his normal self – although we did find him trying to nest on some peanuts today! Poor boy. I guess after 10 years of being childless his parental needs have really come to surface.

Here’s a very sweet video of Elmo building his nest:

And here’s a not so sweet Elmo attacking me when I peeked into the bedroom nesting area:

Ok, I admit it, I loved the attention from him but it did get a bit ridiculous with Elmo trying to chase me away from every spot I was in. Here he’s peering past Richard’s computer to see if he can get to me at my desk:


Note the pale pillow in the background which was my barrier on the sofa to protect me from Elmo, however, Elmo simply jumped onto the backrest of the sofa and marched right over to my side and attacked me! I just couldn’t win with him!

While we are happy to have Elmo back to his normal self, we do miss seeing his very loyal and dedicated behaviour towards the fake eggs.



I have to say that although we’ve only had Elmo for two years we thought we’d seen everything – but this broody behaviour of his really surprised us!!