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I don’t know anything about pigeon genetics, however, now that I have the “Encyclopedia of Pigeon Breeds” book, which has a chapter on genetics, I might be able to figure out why Dora’s first babies came out the colour they are. But genetics isn’t a light subject so bear with me on this.

Here’s what I found one day (a year ago) under a hutch in the pigeon aviary:


Pidge and his and Dora's two babies


Finding no nesting area free Dora found her own little hide-away under a hutch!

So I uncover the babies and realise that they are pure white! How unusual. … I highly doubt that Pidge is the biological father of these two. It just seems impossible.


Wait a minute! They're pure white! What's going on?!


A bit squashed under there?


How did Dora manage to feed her babies under there?


Pidge (left) and Dora (right) are a bonded pair

My suspicions are that Stanley pigeon is the biological father since he courts Dora all the time, however, due to a broken wing he cannot be with her when she perches high up. I think that he got lucky one day when Pidge wasn’t looking.


Stanley - a single male and obsessed with Dora. Is he the daddy?