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We returned late last night from our holiday and we couldn’t wait to see our darling pigeons! Elmo was fast asleep when we arrived, however, as soon as he saw us he rushed around in greeting – he was so happy to see us!!

Georgie on the other hand was a bit stand-offish. I think she was annoyed with me for having gone away. She was also tired and so after a quick cuddle and kiss I put her back to her cage to sleep. The next morning Georgie started to warm to me once she realised that I was back for real. Looking a bit scruffy because she’s moulting, Georgie is otherwise loving me in her usual wonderful way. I have to say that we missed our darling pigeons and are happy to be back with them.

I took the day off to spend time with the pigeons, as well as to unpack and do the laundry and Elmo was delighted. He kept following me around, cooing and beckoning me to him. After I had breakfast he spent an hour on my lap, snuggled up to me. … Now as we all know, Elmo doesn’t usually like me – he’s Richard’s bird – however, because Elmo hadn’t seen me for a while he didn’t mind my company at all! Once Richard got back from work though, Elmo was back to his normal attacking and telling off! Cheeky lad!

Here’s a video of Elmo loving my company and attention this morning:


Georgie helping me with the laundry!


Georgie is moulting and looking a bit scruffy.


Elmo is very happy to see us!


Elmo on my lap!