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We have sadly lost three of our resident pigeons, Missy, Penelope and Hookbill, at my work. They all died suddenly, and without warning, in the last 3 weeks. All the other resident pigeons look, feel and sound healthy. Even the ones that died weren’t showing any signs of illness before they died.

At the moment we are in a state of anxiety, each day worrying if another pigeon will pass away suddenly. We are waiting for the lab results to return so that we know if a virus or other disease is the cause of death. It is hard to see what could have caused three pigeons to die suddenly and without any symptoms (besides a white substance found in the mouth). Especially when all the resident pigeons are looking so healthy. There are no coughs, discharge, laboured breathing, weight loss, listlessness or any other indicator of disease.

Could it be that it is just coincidence that three pigeons have died of old-age in the space of 3 weeks? Most of the resident pigeons at my work are mature pigeons – I recently found out that Pidge is actually 17 years old!! We don’t know the age of the other pigeons but most of them have been there for at least 10 years now. For photos of the resident pigeons (including Dora) at my work please visit: Resident pigeons

Here are the beautiful three pigeons we have lost. Rest in peace sweet pigeons. You will be sadly missed – by your mates and us – and we hope you had a good, happy life.






Hookbill - just before his beak trim. He found eating surprisingly easy even with his hooked beak.