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The lab results on the death of the three resident pigeons at my work came back a bit inconclusive. To be honest, you need a degree in microbiology to understand the lab results the vet handed back to us. But this is what they found: possible respiratory problem due to mites going into the lungs, mites found on body of the dead pigeons, and yeast in throat (candida albicans) – which is the white substance we found. Treatment: antibiotic and mite treatment for all the other resident pigeons (which has been done already). Thankfully, there have been no other sudden deaths.

Although the vets didn’t find much for us to work with, we are very happy they didn’t find anything dangerous and untreatable (e.g. viruses). What still worries me, though, is that there were no signs of illness in the three pigeons that died, and all the other pigeons are looking very healthy – so does this mean that the pigeons are ok? Or is the silent killer still at large? :(

We are observing the behaviour of the pigeons daily, as well as giving them health checks and ensuring that their aviary is cleaned properly. I’ve been giving Dora extra cuddles, although she doesn’t always appreciate it – and Pidge, her mate, continuously interupts me by landing on me and trying to peck at Dora. Funny boy! What’s his game?

Here are a few photos I took today of the pigeons:


Feeding time!


Pidge and Dora tucking in!


Dora looking fit and healthy as usual.